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Why pay more for an inferior Modesto computer repair service when you can enjoy affordable, award winning PC & laptop repair.

Our team is highly experienced and has a combined 40+ years of expertise in providing repairs, support & upgrades.


If your computer has suffered damage to its hardware, it might need to be replaced before it will work properly again. Additionally, if your computer is getting up there in years, some of the hardware might be wearing out. Either way, taking your PC or laptop to Modesto Tech Exchange Computers to get the hardware replaced will make a world of difference.


Oftentimes, repairing computer hardware is much more labor intensive than simply replacing it. The labor costs can make repairs much less cost effective than simple replacement. When you replace hardware, it is guaranteed to work better and faster than before, whereas repairs can be a little more complex and difficult depending on which part of your computer is damaged.

For instance, the following parts are generally better to have replaced rather than repaired:

  • – Screens
  • – Video cards
  • – Flash media readers
  • – CD drives
  • – DVD drives
  • – Fans
  • – Hard drives
  • – Monitors
  • – Processors
  • – Keyboards
  • – Motherboards

If one or more of the previously named parts of your computer needs to be replaced, we can get the job done here at the Modesto Tech Exchange

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Is your system infected by a computer virus?


Here is a recently published list of the top 10 signs that you computer system or computer network is infected by a virus.

1– Your system frequently shuts down spontaneously, even if you don’t use it.
2– Your internet connection slows to a crawl even while you are not doing anything significant.
3– Your Virus scanner crashes and cannot be started again.
4– You are no longer able to visit Anti Virus sites.
5– Your hard disk fills up and you can’t find the files that use up all the disk space.
6– Your system all for sudden attempts to connect to random IRC servers.
7– Your mail server is extremely busy processing outbound mail.
8– Nightly incremental backups are all for sudden much larger than usual.
9– New user accounts show up and nobody knows who added them.
10– A random server keeps crashing for no apparent reason.

These are just a few signs that your computer system or business network may be infected by a virus. Often, systems that are infected with one computer virus will spread that virus to more systems on your network. Furthermore, virus outbreaks are commonly followed by similar viruses that exploit the same vulnerability which compounds containing virus outbreaks on unprotected systems. Because of this, our Modesto virus removal can be a very complicated process.

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